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06.19.2017 - 06.21.2017   |   Allegheny College   |   Meadville, PA

2017 Teaching Global Health: Summer Institute for Undergraduate Curriculum and Course Design


19 - 21 June 2017


Allegheny College

Meadville, PA

Teaching Undergraduate Global Health

The 2017 Summer Institute for Curriculum, Course Design, and Assessment is a three-day workshop for faculty at undergraduate-serving institutions to share experiences and best practices, evaluate curricular programs and assessment tools, and participate in charrettes designed to  refine course and curricular materials that strengthen students’ learning.


Participants may come from any disciplinary background, and from any stage of their academic career.  Faculty, staff, and administrators who are interested in the role of global public health as a rich learning tool to prepare undergraduate students for complex, highly inter-connected and globalized world as both professionals and educated citizens are encouraged to attend.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop a novel global health course or modify an existing course

  • Gain tools to assess and strengthen their institution’s undergraduate curricular programming in global health

  • Focus on the challenges and benefits of domestic and international experiential curriculum and reflect on ways to strengthen programming to improve student learning and community partnerships

  • Engage faculty from a variety of disciplines and institutions and explore collaborations both at the course and curricular level

Learn About Global Health at Allegheny College

Strengthening Global Health Curriculum

Institutions that are focused on liberal education are uniquely positioned to address the interdisciplinary complexities of global health issues. At the same time, there are numerous challenges to educating undergraduate students in this field.  We will collectively:  

  • Discuss the strengths of various educational models and institutional structures to enhance student learning (such as majors / minors, certificates, and different programmatic homes); and

  • Explore the challenges posed by experiential learning for undergraduate global health students (such as domestic and international experiences, ethical engagement with communities, and assessment tools to evaluate student, institutional, and community measures of "success").

  • Share effective teaching models, team up with with other participants on course development, collaborate with other institutions on experiential programming, and to leverage the skills and experiences of our colleagues.  

Steering Committee

2015 Summer Institute


Reis Hall, Allegheny College
Senior Circle, Allegheny College
Bentley Hall, Allegheny College
Allegheny College walkway
Carnegie Hall, Allegheny College
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Newton Observatory
Bentley Hall, Allegheny College
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