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The 2015 Summer Institute was a great success!! 

The workshop goals were to provide faculty participants with the space to:

  • develop novel global health courses,

  • modify existing courses or develop modules to add more explicit global health content into existing disciplinary courses;

  • gain tools to strengthen their institutions’ curricular programming in global health; and

  • engage faculty from a variety of disciplines and institutions and explore collaborations both at the course and curricular level. 

The institute brought together:

  • 44 participants and facilitators , representing

  • 25 institutions, two of which were overseas, and

  • 8 undergraduates employed part or full time during the summer to assist hosting this workshop. 


Initial responses from the summer institute were positive (gathered with IRB review and approval at the close of the session):

  • 100% of respondents indicated their goals were met

  • 100% discovered new skills and/or ideas to impact their courses and institution as a whole;

  • 95% of participants rated the usefulness of the content as either 4 or 5 out of 5 

  • 100% of respondents rated the strengths of the facilitators as either 4 or 5 out of 5. 

However, since our goal specifically was to assist faculty in course development, curricular guidance, and networking, we felt that the outcomes generated a year after the completion of the summer institute to be more telling.

Explicit outcomes have included:

  • successfully launched social learning network;

  • >12 modules added or revisions made to existing courses integrating more global health curriculum into a variety of courses;

  • 9 new courses established and submitted through various institutional curricular design committees;

  • 3 minors submitted or approved to home institutions related to Global Health;

  • 2 new Global Health majors submitted to home institutions (one has already been approved);

  • 2 faculty who had not previously met collaborated on an inter-institutional summer field experience for academic credit in Cuba;

  • 2 other faculty who had not previously met collaborated for a week-long visit to offer additional workshops on global health programming at one home institution in Pakistan;

  • >5 collaborations with previously unconnected faculty showcased joint professional talks and conference presentations;

  • 2 participants collaborated on a peer reviewed publication.

Sample feedback from participants:

  • “Hands down the best professional development experience I have had in my near 40 years of ongoing academic training,” Participant A, New England liberal arts college

  • “The materials I brought back from the conference were used directly in the application and final request for the development of our *now approved* Public Health Major.  Many of the things I learned in the Summit were instrumental in the course and curriculum design.  My time at Allegheny was one of the most beneficial conference times I have spent,” Participant B, public Midwestern comprehensive university

  • “The Institute was one of the best professional development experiences I’ve had, as evidenced by how there is so much networking still going on a full year later.  Most conferences don’t have a shelf life beyond the few days after we return.  We have found fabulous colleagues to partner with, due to the intimate size and workshop nature of the conference,” Participant C, private Midwestern comprehensive university

  • "The summer institute was very helpful in catalyzing my approach to global health and making me confident that I am a ‘global health’ person, not just an interdisciplinary scholar," Participant D, private Western comprehensive university

  • “I worked harder during that workshop than I have ever worked, except perhaps on my dissertation years ago.  I was able to apply the materials from the summer institute into a successful professional collaboration on a course design across institutions, and perhaps more exciting, I have been able to formalize a minor in Global Health at our institution with materials that helped me shepherd the program through numerous campus constituencies this year,” Participant E, New England private comprehensive university

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